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50+ Hindi Love Status 2019 Latest

WhatsApp Hindi love status | Love is a feeling which can change your life completely. Here are best Hindi love status, When you are in love, you see the world with a different lens. Everything around you become more beautiful, every person becomes kinder and you become more excited and full of life. But this all happens when the one you love is also into you.

Impressing your crush or your love is a difficult task to do. So to help you, I am giving you this beautiful collection of romantic WhatsApp Hindi love status. You can send these Hindi love status to your loved ones and make them feel special and loved.
this collection of Hindi WhatsApp status will definitely help you impress your crush.

1. इश्क़ है या कुछ और ये तो पता नहीं, पर जो तुमसे है वो किसी और से कहाँ!!

2. मोहब्बत 😘 ठंड ☃ जैसी है, अगर लग जाये तो 😁 बीमार 🤒 कर देती है..

3. दुनिया 🌎 को ख़ुशी 😊 चाहिए और मुझे 🙋 हर ख़ुशी में 💑 आप.

4. सच्ची मोहब्बत एक जेल के कैदी की तरह होती हैं, जिसमे उम्र बीत जाए तो भी सजा पूरी नहीं होती